Activity of JCF

1. Name of the Society: CF(Nuclear Reaction in Solid)-Research Society for Japanese. English name is Japan CF-research Society(JCF).

2. Aims: contribute to science and technology development by studying CF phenomena, exchange information between JCF members and organize meeting for CF-research.

3. Activities:
(1) Studies on works in CF-research field.
(2) Information exchange between members and foreign activities.
(3) Organize and implement meetings and conferences.
(4) Publish reports
(5) Collect academic materials(papers and documents) on CF-research.
(6) Others

4. Members:
(1) Member(Normal): CF-researchers and related person
(2) Cooperational Member: Company and organization which financially assist JCF
(3) Fellow: Senior researcher who made great contribution to JCF and has been selected by JCF

5. Fee:
(1) Registration fee: 10,000 yen for member(free for student)
(2) Annual fee: 5,000 yen for member(2,000 yen for student)
(3) Fund by Cooperational Member: 50,000 yen per stock

6. Directors:
Chief-in-Directors(one), Vice-Chief-in-Directors(one or two), Directors(several for meeting, publicaton, information-exchange and finance) and Senior Consultant Members

7. Fields:
consists of combined fields interdisciplinarily and multidisciplinarily in the following fields;
nuclear physics, fusion science, radiation physics, condensed-matter physics, surface and catalysis science, metallurgy, hydrogen science, electro-chemistry, calorimetry, accelerator and beam science, laser science, nuclear and quantum science and engineering, molecular dynamics, acoustics, etc.

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